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Managed IT Services: Is outsourcing right for you?

A Managed IT Services Provider is becoming an increasingly popular option for businesses of all shapes and sizes. It’s a great, cost-effective choice for small organisations, who may not be able to afford to hire a team of full-time professionals.

Written by Adam Bovan

May 2018

Wait, Managed IT what?

Meanwhile, larger corporations that wish to augment their current IT departments – or replace their costly IT overheads altogether – can reap a number of benefits through outsourcing their technical team. Managed Services Providers become an extension of your business without you having to employ several individuals.

This model is vastly different from the one-off, on-demand break/fix type of IT service, too. The support is ongoing and continually managed, as if you had an IT team onsite. Is a Managed IT Services Provider right for you? We explain everything in this article.

Key benefits for your business.

We’ve outlined some of the main rewards that outsourcing your IT can bring.

Low capital outlay.

As we’ve already said, opting for a Managed IT Services Provider can seriously shrink the amount of money you spend on a fully-fledged department without compromising the standard of your service.

No surprises.

With a lot of companies offering fixed monthly plans, you know exactly what you’re going to get and how much it’s going to tot up to at the end of every month.

Focus on the core of your business.

Having someone on board that is committed to your IT allows you to spend more time concentrating on what you do best – your business – without having to worry about your technology.

Greater productivity.

A Managed IT Services Provider’s business is your business. They are fully dedicated to ensuring that your network is running smoothly and securely; it’s what they’re passionate about.

24/7 support.

Many Providers, including ourselves, provide an around-the-clock service. You’re not limited to 9am-5pm working hours and the slow response times of break/fix agencies.

Access a distinctive wealth of knowledge.

As Managed IT Services Providers regularly work with a number of different clients at any one time, they have a deep understanding of how IT serves various industries and sectors.

High-quality systems.

These guys and gals are also passionate about setting up the best systems, finding the latest software and designing the most efficient procedures to ensure that their clients’ work remains secure.

Enhanced security.

All this means that you can enjoy a reduced risk of nasty threats, such as viruses, ransomware, malware and phishing scams, avoiding downtime across your business.

Things to consider.

There are certainly a few things to think about before taking the leap and hiring a Managed IT Services Provider.

Is software included?

One of the first things to find out from your Managed IT Services Provider is if they provide an all-in service. Does your monthly price cover their labour and the price of the software that they use?

For us, everything that is listed in your package is included. However, if you do require a new piece of software or hardware later down the line (such as a printer or computer) we install it at our hourly rate. Its maintenance is then incorporated into the monthly service.

Will they work on and offsite?

Much of what a Provider does can be carried out remotely, away from your office. However, there may be some instances where they need to physically be at your business premises to deal with an issue.

Ar they prepared and willing to travel to you? We work with clients around the UK and frequently spend time with each of them. Not only does this help us solve problems efficiently, but also to develop an IT strategy.

Will they fit in with your team?

Whether working remotely or onsite, the company and its staff need to be able to gel well with your existing team.

We pride ourselves on our friendly, personable approach and our ability to “translate the geek” and explain technology in an accessible way.

If you would like to find out more about Managed IT Services and how it could work for your business, contact a member of our team today.

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