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Why Do You Need To Install Software Updates?

Installing software updates – it’s a real buzz killer. Waiting around for the umpteenth version of Mac OS to download is so not how you planned to spend your morning, right? Even though it’s tedious, keeping your apps and programmes up to date is essential.

Written by Adam Bovan

April 2019

Why Do You Need To Install Software Updates?

In short, hitting the “update” button ensures that everything runs as smoothly as possible and your computer is the most protected it can be. Stick around to find out why you need to install software updates frequently.

Keep your business up and running.

New software releases are there for a reason, whether it’s to fix a bug or make it easier for you to use.

If you skip an update, things simply won’t work as well.

It could be anything from a slow system to you losing bits of data, depending on the software. Either way, it’s safe to say that you’ll waste time waiting for things to load and sort themselves out.

The difference in performance is subtle at first, but the longer you leave it, the worse it’ll get.

Updates mean that you and your team can enjoy optimised, easy-to-use apps, which naturally leads to higher productivity.

If you’re really lucky, some cool features may have been added to the release that you wouldn’t have had access to otherwise.

All this for free, too! 

Shield against cybercriminals.

Hackers are always thinking up new ways to do what they do best (be mean and hack you).

Fortunately, the wonderful creators of your favourite applications work hard to react to the latest vulnerabilities and counteract any problems.

It’s only courteous for you to download the update so that you don’t get stung by a cyber attack.

Updates are especially important if the software in question is an antivirus.

New threats are popping up all the time, and your machine needs to know about them – only the latest version of antimalware can detect advanced viruses.

Get rid of that annoying pop-up.

If you don’t update your software for the above reasons, please do it for your own sanity!

That “install update” notification isn’t going anywhere until you deal with it…

Still can’t/won’t/don’t update your software?

If you’re still not convinced – or you are, but struggle to find the time – you may want to take a look at our automated software updates service. The out-of-hours process takes care of all your updates while you sleep, so you don’t have to worry or wait for something to install ever again.

Got some more questions about software updates or how you can improve your businesses productivity? Ask a member of our team right now.

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