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What To Look For When Hiring An IT Company

When it comes to IT, we often find ourselves falling back on the age-old expression, ‘it’s good when it works.’ Whilst this might most prominently refer to the 90s relic still sitting in your parents’ computer room, it’s equally, and increasingly, relevant to the systems that keep your business ticking over.

Written by Adam Bovan

November 2019

Why effective and efficient IT is absolutely vital

We know that your Mum, Gran, and Great Aunt Gertrude all swear by the good old pen and paper method (trust us, we’ve had that discussion over many a Sunday Roast), but the reality is that in the current climate – effective, and efficient IT is absolutely vital. Because, if it’s good when it works – it’s detrimental when it doesn’t.

So, resist the temptation to take a hammer to your screen (again,) and consider hiring some experts. Here are our tips for hiring the best.

Avoid the genius.

At all costs. Our job happens to be one of those professions that can look like magic. It’s a world of complicated clicks and clever coding that can leave outsiders in awe. But, whilst we might occasionally relish the opportunity to feel just a little bit clever, our aim is to help your business, not showboat our skills. If you put your IT company on a pedestal, or if they speak to you in endless computer jargon, you will struggle to effectively communicate the distinct needs of your business. So, hire someone who’s approachable, linguistically down to earth, and who doesn’t mind you asking questions.

Suitable solutions.

Much like your own business, every IT company is different. Are you happy with a standard, one-off break/fix callout? Or do you require a more consistent, managed approach? Whilst some IT companies will fix the initial problem, at a fixed cost, others work on a continual basis. Pay an amount each month and you will receive continual, consistent, and often 24/7 support – as well as occasional extras such as training or updates. Make the time to draw up a list of your IT priorities, and find out which package fits you best.

Find the forgettable.

Trust us on this one. Scour online reviews for a restaurant, and they’ll likely be really, really bad. After all, terrible is memorable. But, if your experience is simple and seamless, you’re likely to forget it, and in IT, that’s the golden ticket. Whatever systems, advice, or fixes your IT Company implements, they should be easy enough that you forget they even exist.


So, you find a top-notch IT company, they offer everything you are looking for – but they’re based on the other side of the country. Most work on a remote basis, so if you’re happy chatting over the phone, they’ll more than likely still be able to provide the support you need. But if you’re expecting quick callouts, face-to-face meetings, or the option of IT training for your staff, it might be best to look closer to home.


Experience is important when it comes to hiring just about anyone. It’s a sure-fire way to ensure that you find someone who knows what they’re doing. But, when it comes to IT, be prepared to think a little differently. Experience is always valuable, but in such a fast-moving field – so is the desire to be forward-thinking, so make sure that your IT old dogs are still eager to learn new tricks.

If you have any questions about Managed IT Services and how everything works, give us a call today. 

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