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What is Better For Business: Office 365 or Office 2019?

When choosing the right products for your business, the amount of choice out there can be overwhelming. We’re often asked what Microsoft products are best for businesses: Office 2019 or Office 365? Today, we’ve drilled down to the basics of which investment is best.

Written by Adam Bovan

September 2019

Office 2019.

Office 2019 is a bundle of the latest version of the Office suite – Word, PowerPoint and Excel etc.

It’s a one-off purchase that includes a license for one computer, plus any security updates. But you won’t be able to upgrade to future versions of Office. 

It’s as simple as that – for a one-off price you get the current versions of your apps. A bit like how it used to work when you installed the Office suite on a PC via a CD-ROM. 

Remember those days?

Key benefits of Office 2019.

  • One-off payment.
  • Access to basic Office Suite with a fixed upfront cost. 

Office 365.

Office 365 offers more flexibility for your business. 

It’s cloud-based and can work via a monthly-subscription service (although, if you want to get the payment out of the way, you can also pay annually). 

Alongside the apps, you gain access to 1TB of cloud storage space, along with Skype Credits. And, because it’s a continual subscription, you get access to the latest version of the apps as they’re released, alongside enhanced security features. 

Whereas Office 2019 can be installed on one computer, Office 365 can be used on more than one device. Meanwhile, you can use Office 365 apps on mobile devices and work from anywhere; a feature that’s not available on Office 2019. 

Key benefits of Office 365.

  • Spread the cost with a monthly subscription.
  • Work from anywhere with cloud-based apps that work on mobile devices as well as PCs. 
  • Access the latest feature and security updates. 

And, in short, that’s how simple the differences are.

We personally prefer Office 365 as it offers so much more flexibility, enhanced features and mobile working capability. While Office 2019 package provides the basic Office Suite, if you want something that allows you to collaborate, expand and work on several different devices, it won’t hold up. Moreover, although it’s a one-off purchase for Office 2019, you’ll eventually have to buy another version in the future when those apps become outdated. 

If you’d like to talk about how your business can benefit from the right products and technology, speak with us today.

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