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5 Ways OneNote Makes Meetings More Manageable

We’ve all been in a meeting that could have easily been an email or phone call. In fact, according to a survey of 2,000 employees in the UK, France and Germany, the average employee wastes nearly 13 working days each year in ‘unproductive’ meetings. Now, this isn’t an excuse to decline your next Outlook invite – we’re not miracle workers. Instead, we’re here to show you how to make your meetings more bearable.

Written by Adam Bovan

March 2019

Five Ways OneNote Makes Meetings More Manageable

OneNote is perhaps one of the most overlooked apps in the Office 365 productivity suite. We still see people relying on Word documents and the humble pen and paper when sitting in meetings. This dynamic tool can boost meeting efficiency and could be your new best friend (or at least an office buddy).

Bring your notes to life.

Say goodbye to “I forgot my notebook…”

OneNote empowers you to take beautiful, interactive notes that combine your handwriting with text, images video and even audio clips.

This can be really powerful when planning projects and brainstorming. You can be as creative as you like and the possibilities are – almost – endless.

Meanwhile, everything stays in one place and users can quickly switch between notebooks as if they were laid out on a table in front of them.

And, that’s why we love OneNote so much. We don’t have to carry around multiple pads in order to access the information we need in.

Refer back in seconds.

Say goodbye to “Let me just try and find…”

You can effortlessly search your OneNote notebooks to discover exactly what you’re looking for with a simple keyword search.

Long gone are the days of painstakingly flicking through notebooks to uncover meeting minutes from the previous week.

What truly makes OneNote stand out is the ability to search through your handwritten notes.

Instantly solve maths problems.

Say goodbye to “What does that add up to?”

Going through costings and budgets in front of your colleagues can be stressful, especially if your brain simply won’t do maths in front of an audience.

With OneNote, all you need to do is type an equation, followed by an equals sign (=) and the app does the rest of the work for you.

Make sense of your scribblings.

Say goodbye to “What have you written down there?”

When you use OneNote on a tablet, the pen tool feels just like you’re writing on paper. You also have the option of transforming your handwriting to text and drawings to shapes.

Finally, your colleagues (and your future self) can make sense of your scrawl and you don’t need to regret dropping out of art class.

Share your notes immediately.

Say goodbye to “I’ll follow up with an email later…”

Of course, OneNote is part of Office 365 so you can easily share what you’re working on with your teammates.

This can save you a lot of time when following up a meeting with an email – all your notes are written up and ready to go.

Getting to grips with OneNote is all about giving it a go. This isn’t an exhaustive list of what you can do with the application – play around with it and see how it could help you take better notes and improve your meeting productivity. 

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