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Maximise Your Team’s Productivity in Office 365

Office 365 is a great tool for businesses of all sizes. We personally use the Microsoft suite for our own business, as well as for our clients.

Written by Adam Bovan

February 2019

Maximise Your Team's Productivity in Office 365

This is because it’s versatile, flexible and powerful, as well as the fact we’ve all grown up using Microsoft productivity tools like Word, Powerpoint and Excel. It’s a fantastic solution for teams that wish to take advantage of the cloud, but still require access to the desktop version of Office apps.Today, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite bits of Office 365 and some productivity hacks that you may not have heard of.

Quickly clear out your inbox.

A messy inbox equals a messy mind… or something like that, they reckon.

Truth is, how many of those emails do you actually need to respond to, let alone action?

Office 365 allows you to prioritise what is important to you and set rules that filter out low-priority messages that you can deal with later.

Move away from sending attachments.

When was the last time you had to frantically scan your inbox for a file or document a colleague sent you a week ago?

Or, perhaps, when you were trying to send an attachment that was too large for your mail client?

With Office 365, you can instantly share documents with colleagues in a space where you’re always able to quickly find them.

Say goodbye to versions.

Another bug-bear for many of our customers is having several different versions of the same document flying about the office.

Whether it’s the office rota or important marketing copy, outdated information can waste time and cause confusion.

When you upload your files to Office 365, they can be continually updated and accessed via a link or shared area.

Meanwhile, you have full access to version history in one document. So, if a member of staff does make an error, you can revert back to a previous version of the document within a few seconds.

What’s more, you can also control who is allowed to view, comment or make changes on a document – very handy for sharing read-only material.

Ignore group images.

When you’re trying to focus and crack on with something, there’s nothing worse than the constant buzz from the group email someone has copied you into.

Hitting Reply All has become somewhat of a crime recently, but some people still insist on creating huge, unnecessary email threads.

Office 365 allows you to ignore certain emails, so you can get back on with your day without the disruption.

When you’re ready to catch up, simply go to your trash folder and select Stop ignoring.

Follow up meetings efficiently.

Meetings are pointless if nothing is actioned afterwards. Over coffee, your colleagues may be enthusiastic about working on the next part of your project, but as soon as everyone returns to their desks, things get forgotten and pushed back.

Take your meeting minutes in OneNote and transform them into actions in an instance.

You can add tasks to your own calendar, as well as assign roles to your teammates.

Meanwhile, you can promptly share your notes with your co-workers so everyone is on the same page – quite literally.

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