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How Managed IT Services Could Solve Your Cybersecurity Woes

Often small and medium businesses do not have access to the staff or resources to manage their cybersecurity successfully, leading to SMBs being easy targets for online hackers.

Written by Adam Bovan

May 2019

Managed IT Services Could Solve Your Cybersecurity Woes

One simple mistake or overlooked issue could lead to malicious activity being undetected, which can be detrimental to small operations who couldn’t handle the brunt of downtime or financial loss.

We’ve spoken before on this blog about how Managed IT Services can benefit your business, but today we’re taking a look at how a managed package specifically helps with when it comes to one of tech’s hottest topics – cybersecurity.

A dedicated account manager.

There’s a lot of software on the market that claims to detect and identify the latest threats. However, without someone overseeing notifications and alerts, some threats can slip through the net.

A Managed IT Support Provider is dedicated to you, proactively monitoring your network and keeping a close eye on what’s going on with your anti-virus software.

One fixed cost.

When things go wrong, you’re normally hit with a large, unexpected bill – this can make or break a company, especially if you’re a startup.

By spreading the cost of your IT and signing up for a managed plan, you know exactly what you’re paying each month. You never have to worry about nasty surprises again.

An invaluable extension of your team.

Waiting until your security has been breached to contact an IT support company means you’ll find a team who may patch up the problem, but that’s where their job ends. Unlike an MSP, break/fix IT companies don’t usually help you to further enhance your cybersecurity.

Meanwhile, working with a Managed Service Provider means that you have an expert on the end of the phone that knows all about your company, how you work and what your needs are.

And, because they are proactively managing your IT, they probably already started to fix your issue before you picked up the phone.

The result?

Reduced costs, better service and less time wasted resolving problems.

More than cybersecurity.

Most MSPs look after more than just your cybersecurity – we certainly do.

Our packages include everything from email security, network management, and software updates to internet filtering and general IT consultation. We work with you to look at ways in which your business could boost productivity and drive efficiency through technology on a long-term basis.

A bonus point.

We can’t speak on behalf of other MSPs but – due to the nature of our work – we have refined our offering to include only the best software and systems. Through working with a large number of companies from different industries, we have been able to select what works well – so much so that we trust the same software to run our own operations.

Singularitee helps you make sense of your IT, so you can get back to what you do best and no longer worry about technology.

Take a look at our Managed IT Support packages. If you have any questions, get in touch with a member of our team

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