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Consumer or Business PCs: What technology is right for your business?

Getting it right when it comes to your business’ technology has never been more important. However, countless businesses – especially when they are first starting out – fall into the trap of purchasing cost-effective consumer PCs, rather than investing in higher-quality business-standard machines.

Written by Adam Bovan

May 2018

Business or pleasure?

This is often because many are unaware of the significant differences between regular desktops and computers built specifically for business use. What’s more, people are drawn in by the attractive price tag of regular desktops, rather than considering the overall reliability and durability of the technology.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at the benefits of splurging on business PCs, as well as what machines are right for your company

Advantages of Business PCs.

Built for business.

Business PCs are purpose-built for enduring long working hours, yet still manage to perform efficiently with ease. Most of them also include features that have been specially designed for the professional environment, such as encryption tools, fingerprint readers and remote desktop control software. On the other hand, they typically have less of that annoying pre-installed software – or crapware as it’s commonly referred to – that you never use.

Greater productivity.

Boasting faster memory and higher performance capabilities, business PCs are made up of components and processors that are specially optimised for work. In short, they can run faster for longer periods of time without overheating and becoming internally damaged.

Increased durability.

On top of this, business-class computers are physically durable. Their parts undergo rigorous testing, which enables them to endure diverse working environments. This is particularly important if you regularly work remotely or on the go.

Enhanced security.

Likewise, business-standard workstations are crafted with security in mind. Usually, a quality business PC provides tough security features, such as self-encryption and anti-theft technology, as well as biometric authentication (the one where you use your thumbprint or eye to gain access to your machine).

More reliable.

Because of all this, business-class PCs are considerably more dependable compared to consumer devices.

Although the initial outlay may appear costly, the money you save on repairs and support to keep them fully-functioning is a lot less in contrast to the total cost of ownership of a consumer PC.

What PC is right for my business?


It takes a lot of hard work to launch a young business off the ground. We know you’re up for the challenge, but is your machine? You need a laptop or computer that can sustain lengthy days (and nights) of processing, as well as one that is hard-wearing and trustworthy.

As most startups lack a fully-fledged IT department, you may also want to opt for a device that’s easy to use from the get-go.

Growing companies.

If business is booming and you’ve realised that your technology can no longer suitably support your team, it’s time to invest in a better calibre of computer.

Again, your PCs need to be well-made but also cater to the wide variety of tasks and jobs that are carried out across your business.

Mature organisations.

Whilst the more established firms may be reluctant to change their ways, older firms still require best of breed tools that not only serve their current needs, but also support them for future innovation and expansion.

What to look out for:

  • Intel processor – i5 or above.
  • RAM 8GB+
  • SSD 240GB+

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