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Why You Need Internet Filtering For Your Business

Internet filtering – or content control software – isn’t only for your teenager’s laptop. A web filter is also extremely beneficial to your business, increasing productivity, limiting distractions and reducing the risk of malware.

Written by Adam Bovan

April 2019

The techy bit.

What is an internet filter?

A web filter is designed to block specific content you don’t want your team viewing during office hours.

Usually, they work using whitelists or blacklists. A whitelist restricts your employees to websites selected by you, whereas a blacklist is set up to prevent access to content that matches particular criteria – such as keywords or phrases.

The programme scans the URL and web pages before you connect and it won’t load if it contains the banned keywords, or doesn’t fit in with your rules.

You decide what is permitted and what isn’t with pre-defined and customisable settings.

Why should you get content control software?

Increase your productivity.

Ensure your staff are staying on task instead of flicking through ASOS for their next night out outfit.

Did you know that the average worker admits to frittering away a whopping three hours per 8-hour workday? And, that’s not including lunch and scheduled breaks!

Nearly half of the employees interviewed in the study cited surfing the internet as the main reason for this wasted time.

Blocking popular non-work-related sites means that your employees won’t be able to lose track of time on their Facebook feeds and stick to the work you’re paying them to do.

Limit distractions.

On top of squashing the temptation to check social media, internet filtering can also decrease annoying adverts and spam that swamp news and shopping platforms.

Reduce risk.

Content-control software can help strengthen your cybersecurity. Filtering out sites with questionable content (pornography and gambling) reduces your chance of being stung by malware, hostile viruses and phishing scams.

These types of websites are notorious for hosting malicious content and, if one of your devices is affected, it could result in downtime for your whole business.

Things to consider before getting a web filter.

Unfortunately, an internet filter isn’t the answer to all of your problems. They won’t help you be 100% protected against online threats, nor will they create a dedicated robot-like workforce that’s willing to work for you every single second between the hours of nine and five.

In fact, some companies find that forgiving the odd scroll through Facebook helps boosts morale and develops a relaxed, happy environment.

Some employees even go as far as saying they would consider quitting their role if their place of employment banned social media. Meanwhile, 77% of workers from one UK study felt that flexibility aids productivity.

We think that aiming for balance is best. By all means, reduce the number of distractions and chance of malicious software by using an internet filter. However, maybe allow them some freedom when it comes to a 5-minute break on Twitter.

If you have any questions about internet filtering or need help choosing the right policies and rules for your content control software, get in touch with a member of our team. 

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