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How Yammer Can Help You Streamline Your Communications

Yammer is a social media network that is entirely focused on your business. It’s sort of like Facebook, but exclusive to you and your colleagues.

Written by Adam Bovan

October 2020

How Yammer Can Help You Streamline Your Communications

With the rise of remote working, Yammer could be the answer to retaining company culture and a connected team. Below are just some of the ways the Microsoft 365 tool can help in your business.

Streamline communication and avoid email overwhelm.

While having another social media platform to check and update might make you roll your eyes, Yammer is becoming a popular way for businesses to improve communication across their entire enterprise.

Think of Yammer as a sort of virtual bulletin board that staff can use to make important announcements and start conversations.

Anyone within your organisation can use Yammer for non-work or non-project related announcements (think: “cake in the kitchen”, “so-and-so has had a healthy baby boy” and “Jan from accounts is raising money for charity with a sponsored silence”). This frees up your email inbox and means you can read these types of announcements at a time that suits you.

Build team culture.

With a lot of teams now splitting their time between working from home and the office, it can be tricky to stay in contact with colleagues.

While we have Teams to collaborate on projects and work-related tasks, the fun side of office life can often get lost when we’re not interacting face-to-face with our teammates.

Yammer is a great space to catch up, share fun content and take a breather from everyday work life.

Not only is this important for building a strong team culture, but it can offer a little bit of light to those who need it during these uncertain times.

Increase engagement.

By allowing the more light-hearted side of work-life to take place in a designated space – i.e. a Yammer feed or group – you increase the likelihood of engagement in that topic.

Who else is guilty of bulk-deleting company-wide emails that don’t directly relate to them? By having a space for these announcements and a place where you can directly interact (without cc’ing in the entire team) with the content, you can make sure the announcements get the attention they deserve.

All the while, work-related content stays in a more corporate setting of your email inbox and Teams.

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