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How VR Could Transform Your Business in 2020

Virtual Reality (VR) – the technology of the future? Nope, it’s very much part of the here and now for some businesses.

Written by Adam Bovan

March 2020

Could VR Transform Your Business?

Technology is always changing, developing and improving all aspects of life. We’ve seen technology change the way we do business; new innovations change the business landscape and VR is no different. The good news is that the technological revolution of VR could enhance, improve and develop businesses and employers.

What is VR?

VR is an interactive computer-generated experience taking place within a simulated environment, a technology that immerses and transports users in digitally-created, simulated experiences. It not only offers a new way for businesses to demonstrate products and services but can even change how companies manage operations, develop prototypes and train staff.

Take a look below at how VR can help you to run your business.

Visual transportation.

VR is becoming increasingly prevalent in marketing, allowing customers to feel as if they’ve transported to a different part of the world just by putting on a headset. Clients and customers can be somewhere visually without ever living their front room.

Industries like construction could be transformed, as clients/stakeholders have the ability to see homes and buildings before the foundations have even been laid. 

Meetings and conferences.

Face-to-face meetings and conferences could be a thing of the past, there is no denying the effectiveness of face-to-face interaction, however, meeting face-to-face every time is not practical. 

Using VR could boost productivity, save time and allow people to conduct meetings in the safety of their house.

When wasteful meetings occur, employers often lose valuable time needed to complete tasks and need to stay late or take time out of their weekends to do so, for small businesses this is valuable time wasted.

Businesses can use VR and AR to bring people together in meetings and conferences virtually since these technologies offer realistic experience and collaboration features.

And, if you think VR meetings only exist in sci-fi films and TV shows, there’s currently software out there that allows businesses to take advantage of VR. 

Atom is the immersive meeting solution from the NuSpace platform, and it is compatible with VR platforms like Oculus and Hololens. 2D and 3D recordings, 2-way voice calls, sharing documents are some of its key features.


For small businesses, training employees can be costly. VR can help create simulations as they offer immersive experiences.

The UK’s top-performing businesses are putting employee learning and development at the heart of their strategy, an in-depth survey and analysis of more than 100 companies reveal.

Small businesses can take advantage of VR to either teach customers how to use their products or to train employees on how to do specific tasks. 

Try before you buy.

Companies can use VR to offer customers the ability to test the product before they buy it. It can help businesses to engage their customers better.

In a survey, 71% of respondents stated they would be moderately, very or completely likely to choose a retailer offering a “Try Before You Buy” option over one who did not offer this option. With VR, customers could see your product from all angles and see the product in action.

Is the future of your business VR?

When VR first came out, the cost was high, but budget VR sets are now more readily available to buy, as the cost of VR technology continues to go down, small businesses will be able to do similar things.

If you’re just at the beginning of using digital tools or are already implementing the latest technologies, engaging with virtual reality is something every business owner should be thinking about.

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