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How To Protect Your Data in the Cloud

The cloud can provide businesses with several incredible benefits. Usually, cloud-based services are flexible, scalable, affordable and reliable.

Written by Adam Bovan

December 2019

However, cloud technology is not foolproof and you can still experience a data breach if you’re not paying close attention to what apps you’re using and sharing your data with.
Today, we’re taking a look at how you can protect your data in the cloud.

Check what cloud apps you’re using.

There are so many applications out there nowadays, it’s difficult to keep track of which ones you use and which ones have your data, especially when you manage a large team. 

Get clear on what apps are currently used in your business. From here, you can start to work out which ones are the most secure and trusted and which encrypt your data. It’s also a great way of eliminating any unnecessary apps or ones you pay for, but don’t get much use out of. 

Switch to high-quality apps.

Now that you’ve got your list of apps and which ones are the most secure, you can start to migrate your team to the most high-quality, trusted services.

Train your staff.

With the knowledge of who uses what apps and which apps are the most secure, you’ll be able to spot any potential weak spots in your security chain.

Do you have policies in place to prevent certain users sharing certain content?

Now is your opportunity to make clear to your employees what can be shared and also reinforce best practices, such as keeping passwords for cloud-based services secure.

Backup your cloud.

Storing your files in the cloud isn’t a proper backup, so it shouldn’t be treated as such. If you store stuff in the cloud, that’s great, but make sure you create additional backups to make sure that data is not lost if something goes wrong. 

Regular checks.

The key to ensuring cloud security is careful maintenance, so pay close attention to what cloud apps are being used and who is using them. 

By taking a regular audit of this information, you have more control and awareness of where and how your data is being shared, as well as the ability to spot weak spots in your security.

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