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How To Make The Most of Video Calling

With more and more people working remotely, video calls are becoming an essential part of our daily lives. Today, we’ve got some tips on how to make your next video call run smoothly.

Written by Adam Bovan

April 2020

Have a stable internet connection.

A crucial factor of video conferencing is fast, stable internet connectivity.

If your connection is slow, you’re likely to experience disruption, or even not be able to join the call at all.

Check out your security settings.

Most industry-standard video conferencing platforms have security settings that you can control to ensure your conversations remain private.

For example, we’d recommend switching on the meeting passcode feature if you’re using Zoom or Webex.

In Zoom, you can set it up so that you are in full control of who you admit to the meeting.

Select the right software.

Choosing the right video call software for your business is essential.

We’d recommend sticking to one standard platform that everyone in your team uses.

If you already use Office 365, you’ll be able to access Microsoft Teams, which is our number one choice for video calling.

By sticking with one application, you can make sure everyone in your team knows how to use it securely and efficiently, as well as share best practice advice.

Arrive early.

Try to log into your calls ahead of time; this not only saves everyone in the call from waiting for you but also gives you the chance to overcome common issues and get ready for a productive session.

Room surroundings.

Make sure the room you’re video calling from is well lit – you can use natural light from the windows or switch on a lamp or two to let people see your face.

Avoid positioning your camera too low or too high – ensure your camera is eye level and on the monitor that you plan to use for the conference.

Mute your mic.

This tip is especially important for larger meetings where you’re not the main speaker or contributor.

It can be really distracting for those who are speaking to hear background noise – pets, kids and other members of the family!

Microsoft Teams automatically mutes all attendees if you mute the first five and a lot of other software allows you to auto-mute attendees as they join.

Of course, when it’s your turn to speak, don’t forget to turn your mic back on!

Share your screen and turn on your camera.

It’s the visual aspect of video calling that makes it so powerful. When people can see and interact with each other, they’re much more likely to have a productive conversation.

Don’t forget to use the screen sharing tool that’s offered by many platforms. If you have a presentation or are demonstrating something, it’s the perfect way to let people view what you’re referring to.

If you need a hand getting set up with video conferencing, give us a call today. 

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