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How To Build Team Culture Remotely

Home working is, once again, recommended. In fact, we’ve hopped back into our slippers so fast we think we might have whiplash, and some of us never even made it back to the office.

Written by Adam Bovan

October 2020

Building Team Culture Remotely

But, whilst no commute and comfy clothes are always appealing – we have to admit we’re a little bit gutted. Because, despite the Monday morning moans, team culture is important, and it’s best built in the office. Or so we thought.

In the past 6 months, we’ve all found a new way of working, and we’ve shown that our connection to one another can be built and maintained, even if we’re miles apart. Building team culture is no different. So, here’s how you can do it – even in your slippers.

Work the Zoom.

Video calls have become an important part of our professional lives. Meetings, updates, and one-to-ones have, for the majority of 2020, taken place online. And, whatever we use – we’ve made it work. But we’ve also made it work. 

So, why not schedule some team calls for something other than the day’s agenda? Whether it’s after-work drinks on Teams, or a Tuesday afternoon coffee break on Zoom – it allows your team some time to relax and check-in with each other. You’ll be surprised the difference it can make. We know you all secretly miss those round the kettle catch-ups.

Little Perks.

A little bit of healthy competition does wonders for your team culture. And it doesn’t always have to be performance-based, either. Why not offer your team the opportunity to win monthly perks?

They could be for anything. Whether it’s for bringing in the most sales, or for providing the best Zoom background, it’s always nice to get a little treat, and it gets the team motivated too. Worried about your bank balance? Perks could be anything from a month’s Spotify subscription to a good pack of biscuits. Your team will appreciate the lot. 

Hello, Goodbye.

There are no leaving dos in lockdown. So, whether you’ve got shiny new team members, or you’re preparing to say goodbye to those that are moving on, make sure you make a fuss, and ensure everyone knows they’re appreciated.

For new starters, consider ‘AMA’ (Ask Me About…) Everyone has something they absolutely love, whether that’s an area of expertise or a perfect pet. So, when someone new starts, find out what theirs is. Hold an introductory video call, inform the team of the newbie’s AMA, and allow the conversation to commence.

For the future? Get everyone to pop their AMA in their email signature. It’s a sure-fire way to kickstart a convo, and makes you that much more approachable to clients, too.  

Chitter Chatter.

If you’re anything like us, chances are, you’re already using services like Slack, or Teams. We wouldn’t be without them. But, do you keep it professional?

The benefits of office life include a little natter from time to time, about something (or anything) other than work. Don’t let that disappear. Consider creating a space to replicate the idle chit chat with breakout rooms or chat channels. Your team can share memes, groan about the government, or have a bit of banter, all without disrupting the professional discussions. 

Good News Friday.

And don’t we all need it.

With everything going on, good news can feel rare and inconsistent. Consider implementing ‘Good News Friday.’ Every Friday, take the opportunity to share some good news with your team. This can be local or national news stories that link to your business ethos, or it could be a positive story from within your own little world of work. You could even share a couple.

Try to keep at least one story business based, but don’t be afraid to share the personal too. All we’re saying is that if Tim from accounts has got a new puppy, we’d definitely want to hear about it.

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