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How To Attract New Clients To Your Business on a Budget

So, you’ve jumped into the role of small business owner. Things are going well, but you’re looking to expand. How do you begin to attract new clients when your budget is, well, a little on the small side? Here are some clever tips to get you started.

Written by Adam Bovan

November 2019

Harness your self(ie).

Yes, really. If you’re already using social media, you’ll notice that posts with personality often attract the best engagement. We are, after all, social beings – so it makes sense for human connection, albeit virtual, to come out on top.

Whatever it is that makes your business yours – shout about it, and show off the smile behind the skills. While it might not always be professionally appropriate to post a selfie, make sure you inject a little of your personality into your content, and harness the power of your self(ie).

Let your followers know you’re interested in them too. Use a ‘one fact, one follower’ rule; aiming to find out at least one thing, about one follower, on every post. Ask questions, introduce polls or encourage followers to tag friends. More engagement means more followers, and more followers means more prospective clients.

Start a blog.

We’re a little biased on this one; but starting a blog is one of the simplest, most effective ways of directing more traffic to your website.

Throw yourself into a little SEO research, find the keywords that your clients are searching, and weave them into content that will make them click. Your website will begin to rank higher in searches, and you’ll attract more clients.

Don’t be afraid to offer something in your posts. Giving the game away might be a big business no-no, but offering advice, tips, or guides relating to your USP will get clients interested; and an open, helpful, personable business is more attractive than one which keeps their cards clenched to their chest.

Build a community.

In a world where everyone has a side hustle; it is highly unlikely that you are the only small business owner in your area. It’s even more unlikely that you’re the only small business owner with a budget.

Make use of the people around you. Join a co-working space. Make an effort to pop into local businesses; and don’t forget to perfect your pitch, so you can quickly and effectively sum up what it is that you offer. Word travels fast, and it’s nice to put a face to a name, so you’ll be surprised by how quickly you stumble across new clients.

Most who are self-employed are also keen to share their experiences and learn from others, so there’s often an unspoken ‘scratch my back…’ agreement. Consider skills swaps. You might be short on cash but you’re rich in skills, and you could learn something that will bring in those clients.

Care about your current clients.

Sometimes, the oldest tips are the best. If you’re really, really good at what you do, your current clients will be happy, and more likely to recommend you to their friends.

It’s worth going above and beyond. There are successful, global retailers who actively train their staff to make the shopping experience feel like talking to a friend. They give samples, random acts of kindness, or enlist colleagues to entertain children so stressed parents can shop in peace. It’s simple, but it’s memorable, and it makes for a glowing recommendation.

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