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How To Boost Your Team’s Mobility, Flexibility and Productivity

The way we work is becoming increasingly mobile. More and more of us are preferring to work flexible hours, outside of the office and even at home. This shift means that the tools we use every day need to adapt and support our modern working habits. Mobility, flexibility and connectivity are at the heart of our working lives, as we collaborate and communicate with colleagues and clients in different locations around the world.

Written by Adam Bovan

September 2018

The future is mobile.

According to a study carried out by Samsung this year, 82% of executives say that mobility boosts employee productivity. Meanwhile, almost 80% of respondents said that they wouldn’t be able to do their jobs effectively without a mobile device.

Despite this, only 17% of the companies questioned to provide a mobile phone or tablet to all employees.

In today’s blog, we discuss the key ingredients to a mobile workplace: a connected team, the right tools and a robust network.

Ensure the device is right.

It’s all well and good dishing out new devices to your team, but you need to also make sure that they are going to fully support your staff.

Consider what your team needs to achieve daily and how tech can allow them to do this with ease. Key things to think about include the device’s portability, battery life and connectivity ports.

  • Do they need to connect to a monitor?
  • Are they out of the office for most of the day and away from a power socket?

It all depends on what your business is, what your team needs and where they work.

Establish a mobile culture.

Teamwork is essential in most jobs, but is your team naturally turning to technology to collaborate and communicate?

Creating a mobile and collaborative team is not just about the fancy devices and the latest software. You need to help your staff get on board and make full use of these applications and devices.

This involves training staff to use new applications and regular discussions during team meetings.

By helping your staff to understand the technology, you enable them to work better, improving productivity and job satisfaction.

Additionally, it’s crucial for your team to understand the security features and risks of these applications. We’ve dedicated a whole blog post to the security of remote teams.

Invest in infrastructure.

Certain mobile applications – such as video collaboration and screen-sharing software – require a wireless network that is able to support the connection.

Therefore, if you want your business to benefit from a mobile workforce, you need to invest in a network that can deal with bandwidth-heavy applications.

Not only will this make a huge difference to your connectivity today, but it will also accommodate for future growth and innovation.

If you would like to know more about improving your business’ connectivity and empowering your team to effectively work away from the office, please get in touch today.

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