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How To Boost Productivity By Working From Home

More and more people are making the transition to working from the comfort of their sofa, whether they’re employed or work for themselves.

Written by Adam Bovan

July 2019

Boost Productivity By Working From Home

Many companies now are open to flexible working as we all juggle many hats, from parenting and caring for relatives to managing multiple income streams. We believe the benefits far outweigh the negatives when it comes to working from home. Here’s a look at a few of them that might persuade you to make the move.

Better work-life balance.

You’ll be able to find your own manageable workload and prioritise the things that are important to you in life. Many people choose to be stay-at-home parents and working from home enables them to save money on childcare, but still have a fulfilling career.

Lower stress and better wellbeing.

Choosing your own hours allows you to find the balance that works for you. This means you won’t be overworking and can fit in your work around taking care of yourself. You might be able to have an extended lunch break to go to the gym or on a long, scenic walk. 

No commuting.

No more scrambling for a seat on the bus, or spending time stuck in traffic. All you’ll have to do is walk a short way from your bed to your desk (or more realistically dining room table or sofa) and you’re set for the day. You can always take yourself out of the house and work from a local coffee shop if you prefer or maybe even look at some co-working spaces.

Flexible working hours.

Working from home is perfect for people who do their best work early in the morning or late at night. You can wake up at 5am if you’re an early bird and get straight to it.

Alternatively, you can have a lie-in until lunchtime and use your afternoons and/or evenings to work in. You can also fit your hours around your children, hobbies, chores and errands, social events and caring for relatives. 

No uniform.

Roll out of bed and work in your pyjamas if you want to! Many say you should dress like an office worker to be your most productive self, but working from home means there are no rules. Wear whatever works for you – and if that’s your slippers and dressing gown, so be it. 

Your office can be anywhere.

As mentioned earlier, your office will probably be the spare bedroom or the kitchen table but if you miss the hustle and bustle of office working, co-working spaces are constantly appearing so it might be worth doing some research about them. Even just getting out of the house one day a week can help your productivity levels. 

You can save money.

If you were prone to spending money on a working day, you can save loads at home. Make your own lunch and hot drinks without trips out, no more travel costs getting to and from the office and when you’re running errands, you’ll try to do them in one day so you’re not making multiple trips to the shops every week.

Transitioning from the office to your sofa (even for just a few days a week) can be really rewarding, boosting productivity and your wellbeing.

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