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5 Apps You Need For Your Next Work Trip 

There’s something just a little bit exciting about the prospect of a work trip, isn’t there? It makes you feel like an adventurer; a worldly traveller – a pioneer. Richard Branson, who?

Written by Adam Bovan

February 2020

Apps You Need For Your Next Work Trip 

Unfortunately, unless you actually happen to be Branson, there will be no private jet and no entourage – which means you’ve got some planning to do.
So, whether it’s Bali or Basingstoke; here are a few websites and apps to help you on your way.

Get Planning – TRELLO.

Surprisingly, the first part of planning a trip is, well – the planning; and it’s got to start somewhere. We recommend Trello.

Trello acts as a virtual notice board. Create your board, and separate it into lists – we used the classic ‘To do,’ ‘Doing,’ and ‘Done.’ Then, simply add your task items – which Trello call ‘cards’ – to each list. Add checklists, info, links and even due dates to each card, and, for group projects; invite colleagues to the board – so everyone can see what’s going on. Easy.

Better yet, Trello can be used via the website, or via their app – making it very travel-friendly indeed.

Trello Travel Planning Screenshot

For Flights – HOPPER.

To Bali and beyond – Hopper scans flight databases to highlight the times that are kindest to your wallet. The app shows results across the year, so is great for planning ahead – and will also highlight any extra fees you might be asked to pay. 

Still not sold? Hopper also runs a flight guarantee. Book through the app, and if your flight later drops in price, Hopper credits you the difference – ready to spend on your next booking.

Hopper App Screenshot

Beds and Boardrooms – AIRBNBFORWORK.

Airbnb has a dedicated site for work trips – who knew? The site works in a very similar way to the classic traveller go-to, with a few helpful extras. 

For big bookings, team members can all book through the company profile, with invoices going straight to finance. For team talks, the site facilitates bookings for meeting or conference rooms, and, for those beloved team-building exercises, see Airbnb Experiences.

Staying on Schedule – TRIPIT.

Tripit is such a clever little app that we’re considering using it just for the morning commute. Once you’re booked and ready to go, simply forward your confirmation emails to Tripit, and the app will work its magic, creating an itinerary for your trip – so you know exactly where you need to be, and when. 

Tripit works offline, just in case you get caught somewhere without WiFi, and for group trips, overbearing bosses or worrisome mothers, you can also share your itinerary via text, apps or email. 

Pocket Pennies – REVOLUT.

We’re already big fans of Revolut, and we think you should be too. The pre-payment card allows you to hold, send, or receive money in 28 different countries without charge, and allows you to top up quickly and easily via the app. It’s great for both budgeting and travelling, giving you a breakdown of your spending as well as a handy conversion tool. 

If you’re happy to invest a little – Revolut has also recently launched Revolut Business, with all the perks of business banking, in a digital, forward-thinking format. 

Revolut App

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