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8 Remote Working Statistics Tech Companies Need to Know in 2021  

Whether it’s collaborating on projects, hosting remote meetings or staying secure, as a tech company, your team relies on IT to keep things moving.

Written by Adam Bovan

August 2021

8 Remote Working Statistics Tech Companies Need to Know in 2021  

Whether it’s collaborating on projects, hosting remote meetings or staying secure, as a tech company, your team relies on IT to keep things moving.

With working from home on the rise, more and more employees are using their own devices to stay productive. However, while this has provided flexibility, it brings with it several security risks.

Here are eight vital statistics tech companies need to know as we begin to return to a new normal.

67% of people use their own devices for work – even if it’s not allowed.

(Source: CBS News)  

Security is undoubtedly one of the main priorities for technology companies, especially in 2021. But how do you stay in control of your data when lots of different devices are being used to access, download and edit work documents and files? 

According to Microsoft, two out of three employees use their devices at work, even if the company policy doesn’t allow it.  

One in 10 share work devices with other members of their household.

(IT Portal) 

In August 2020, a report claimed that almost a quarter of UK workers were working from unauthorised and personal devices 

With the pressures of working from home – and in some cases – also learning from home, it’s common for families to have to share devices so that everyone has access to work and education resources.   

However, this brings about security risks, especially if your work documents could potentially be accessed or altered by young children.   

74% of companies plan to permanently shift to remote work even after the Covid-19 crisis ends.


As restrictions are changing, some offices are beginning to fill up again with employees, while others prefer to stay at home. As a result, pressure on companies is increasing to provide a permanent WFH solution. 

85% of companies say cybersecurity is extremely important or more important than before the pandemic.


Companies in all industries are concerned about how data is being accessed and used. While strong, robust cybersecurity was crucial before the pandemic, it’s become a critical essential because of the impact of remote working. 

81% say they would be more loyal to their employers if they had flexible working options.


Flexible working isn’t a new thing, but coronavirus has certainly brought it to the forefront of the conversation about modern working. 

More and more employees are demanding flexible working options to fit around their lifestyles, family and other commitments. Is your company offering this option?

Remote work has increased the cost of a data breach by $1.7bn.


Many employees do not have the same protection against cybercrime at home as they would in the office. Unfortunately, with everything else going on globally, some companies have let their guard down and have been unable to control how many people have access to their data through shared devices and unsecured home networks.  

Cybercrime is up 600% due to the pandemic.


We’ve seen a rapid increase in the number of scams and phishing attempts by cybercriminals during the pandemic – pretending to be the World Health Organisation (WHO), HMRC and even PPE stockists and preying on vulnerable people during an uncertain time.

52% say that mobile devices are a major challenge when it comes to cybersecurity.


Over half of the organisations featured in CISO’s Benchmark Report 2020 say that they are struggling to manage remote workers’ use of phones and mobile devices. 

Again, with the increase of people using and sharing devices to work from, how can companies ensure their data is safe? 

What is the solution?

Using Microsoft 365, we have created a solution that protects your company information, files, apps and data by controlling the way users access and share information. Setting out rules, configuring security settings and standardising security ensures devices are compliant, secure and protected.   

CyberLari allows you to access an inventory of devices that have access to company data, while each company device is set up in a way that meets security standards. A report can even be generated to include a log of users and devices and whether or not they are compliant. 

By setting Microsoft 365 up in this way, businesses can make sure everything is secure and compliant, and up to date, while each member of staff has the appropriate permissions and access they need to do their jobs, whether that’s from the office or the dining room table.   

We’re currently rolling out CyberLari for all of our clients. If you would like to know more, get in touch with a member of our team right now.

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