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5 Ways Google Home Commands Can Help You Run Your Business

Google – the world’s biggest search engine. We’ve all not known an answer to a question before, or tried to prove a point in the office, and who do we turn to? Google.

Written by Adam Bovan

February 2020

How Can Google Home Commands Help You Run Your Business

Googling something is the most convenient way of finding something out, but instead of getting our phones out, we now can simply use Google Home, Google’s answer to Alexa, and a powerful speaker and voice Assistant.
Take a look below at some of the Google Home Commands you can use to help run your business.

Schedule planning.

Checking calendars has never been easier Google Home.

You can simply ask “Okay Google, where’s my next appointment?” or “Okay Google, do I have any events tomorrow?”

Google plans, schedules and reschedules meetings, allowing you to know all about your next meeting and what’s on the agenda.

The Smart Display automatically shows upcoming appointments and reminders on your home screen, giving a nice visual overview and preparing you for the day ahead.

When you run a business, days can be very busy, certain things can be missed and time can fly without you even knowing. Google can remind you of tasks that need to be completed, so you never miss a deadline or an important call.

Is it just us, or do you always get a lightbulb idea when you have no means of jotting it down?

Simply ask Google to take note for you and even add things to your calendar to remind you when you’re next working on a specific project.

When a task pops up, it will be read out loud, shown on the smart display and even ping your phone.

Read and reply to messages.

Making a call and message is so easy, one command of “Okay Google, call this (number).”

Google can ring your contacts, as well as manage SMS texts, Facebook Messenger and Hangout messages, so you can get your messages read out loud to you without getting distracted by your phone.

You can also leave messages for coworkers; for example, a list of project ideas or to-do tasks. Great if you’re going to be late into the office, or taking a holiday.

Creating own commands.

What we love about Google Home is that you can create your own commands using IFFTTT.

IFTTT (meaning If This, Then That), is an app that allows you to customise your Google Home, tailoring it to your business needs and connecting together other apps your business uses.

Finding or silencing your phone.

We all misplace our phones from time to time.

Who else hates the feeling of frantically searching for the device that holds all of your contacts, photos and apps?

Ask Google to “Find My Phone” to avoid the drama and stop wasting time looking in all of your pockets.

You can also silence your phone, put it on vibrate or on loud with a simple command.

Integration with smart home devices.

Google Home can be paired with other smart devices, including locks, lights and security systems.

Use it to boost your office security and have more control over your office, even after you leave the building.

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