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5 New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Want To Keep

A New Year’s resolution is often a personal goal, rather than a professional one. “I promise to give up chocolate.” “I am never drinking again.” “I’m going to run 10K every day.”

Written by Adam Bovan

December 2019

However, have you ever considered swapping your unachievable “new year, new me” resolutions for actionable goals that will make a real difference to your business? Today, we’ve got five things you should promise yourself – and your business – in 2020.

Create secure passwords.

Time and time again, we stress to our customers that they need to create strong and secure passwords.

But, that’s because it’s so crucial to your business’ security! 

Here’s a breakdown of how to create strong passwords for every account you own and remember them all. 

Pro tip: Go one step further and enable Two-Factor Authentication on all of your accounts. 

Regularly back up files.

If you lost all of your files and applications (which is more likely than you may think), how long would it take to get your business up and running again?

How much would it cost your business?

Would you be able to regain your good reputation if you let valuable customers down?

This is why backups are essential

But, just ‘having backups’ isn’t enough. You need to frequently check that they’re working, else how do you know for sure they’re going to be there for you when it matters? 

Read all about how you can set up and verify backups regularly in 2020. 

Pro tip: Go one step further and put together a disaster recovery plan. 

Keep software updated.

When you’re busy, it’s easy to hit “Remind me later” on that pesky update pop-up. 

Once or twice might be okay, but if you’ve not updated your software in weeks – or months – you’re putting your business at risk. 

The new releases and versions of your software are there for a reason – whether it’s to improve your experience or shield you from the latest online threats. 

Here’s a bit more about why keeping your software up-to-date is so vital

Pro tip: Go one step further and weed out any unnecessary software your team is using. 

Change network password.

Many businesses forget to change their network or Wi-Fi passwords from the default when they first set them up. 

Usually, default passwords are easily guessable by hackers – “default1” “password1” or simply the name of your company. 

Change it to something more robust and avoid people outside of your business getting access to sensitive information. 

Pro tip: Go one step further and speak to an IT support person about network maintenance and management

Never share passwords. 

Passwords are there for a reason and even the most complex password can be weakened by someone sharing it with a colleague, writing it down on a post-it note or storing it in a Word document. 

If a colleague needs access to an application or platform, set them up their own account. 

Or, if you absolutely need to share a password with someone, be sure to change the password as soon they’ve finished using the app or platform. 

Pro tip: Go one step further and invest in software that you can share passwords securely with

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