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5 Apps To Keep You and Your Business Productive In 2021

We use apps in our everyday life for almost everything – they can make living a lot easier, so why not use them in your business? 

Written by Adam Bovan

January 2021

Staying Productive In 2021

I think we can all agree productivity is key and like everything else, there are apps out there to help keep you motivated and ensure you are using your time efficiently.  Working remotely is the new norm, but it does come with some kinks. So today, we are talking about the apps that can help you stay positive and productive.


Planner keeps you and your team organised and all on the same page.
It’s simple to use and offers you a visual way to organise your work. You can communicate, organise and share. Planner is owned by Microsoft, and therefore compatible with all Microsoft programmes. It goes hand in hand with Microsoft Teams and is accessible and easy to use for those familiar with Microsoft.

Planner has great features, including notifications to keep you updated, it’s available on all your devices allowing you to work on the go and has collaboration tools to make working from home even easier. 

Included in Office 365 Business Plan and Office 365 Business Premium Plan.


Productive is a great app for your business and personal life. 

Our day to day routine has been completely changed and it can be difficult to do the everyday tasks that were routine before. This app allows you to build your own routine and start ‘good’ habits and track them to help you complete those personal and professional tasks each day.

This app is great because not only does it help you achieve the goals you are setting for yourself; it also shows what you have achieved. This can be great motivation when you’re struggling.  

Basic: Free
Premium: £6.49 per user per month (billed monthly or annually) 
(7-day free trial) 


Toggl keeps track of your time, so you don’t have to. 

It’s the perfect way to ensure you are spending the right amount of time on projects. It gives you perspective on what tasks may need more attention than others. Toggl can connect to your calendar and sync to your phone, tablet and desktop, so you don’t have to worry when switching devices. 

Toggl can keep track of multiple tasks at once, freeing up brain space for more important things.

Basic: Free 


Asana offers you a bird’s eye view perspective of your team. 

The app shows you the projects that you and the rest of your team is working on. It allows you to communicate and work with your colleagues on projects. You can create to-do lists, prioritise work and send out requests to your colleagues.  

Some of the useful features Asana offers include; status updates to show the progress of your work, the option to set reminders for you and your colleagues and notifications straight to your phone to ensure nothing is missed. 

Basic: Free 
Premium: £9.49 per user per month (billed annually) 
Business: £20.99 per user per month (billed annually) 
Enterprise available on request. 
(30-day trial) 


Slack keeps you in contact with your team at all times.

With this app, you can contact any member of your team at any time. It’s a more efficient way to communicate, giving you instant replies rather than waiting for emails.  

Through Slack, you can connect to your colleagues, share files and create different threads for different subjects, all in one handy app. 

Basic: Free 
Standard: £5.25 per user per month (billed annually) 
Plus: £9.75 per user per month (billed annually) 
Enterprise available on request. 

*All information and prices correct at time of publishing 15/01/2021

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