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5 Alexa Productivity-Boosting Skills/Commands You Need For Your Business

“Alexa tell me how you can help with running my business?” Well, with many of her built-in capabilities – referred to as skills – Alexa can help in a range of ways to help your business succeed and thrive. With many commands, Alexa can help to run your business more efficiently, conveniently and effectively.

Written by Adam Bovan

February 2020

Alexa enables businesses and employees to get more work done

You can use Alexa as your own personal intelligent assistant and adding Alexa skills to your device enhances productivity, making your day at work, at home or on-the-go easier.
Take a look below at some of the Alexa skills you can use to help run your business.

Email and calendar management.

Forgetting a meeting, or the details of the meeting, happens to the best of us. But, that could be a thing of the past with Alexa. 

FreeBusy Scheduling Assistant.

FreeBusy Scheduling Assistant uses Alexa to inform you about upcoming meetings and organises your important dates so you never miss an appointment. By syncing with Office 365, iCloud, Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook, you can also check the availability of your contacts. 

Alexa can schedule and reschedule meetings, as well as send meeting attendees briefings to prepare for their workday.


Managing and sorting emails can be time-consuming, but the Astrobot skill allows you to manage Gmail or Office 365 email from your Amazon Echo. Alexa can read, reply and manage emails, as well as creating new ones.

Website monitoring.

If you’ve been busy all day running a small business, you probably won’t have a chance to keep checking on your website. 

Vigil Monitoring.

Using the Vigil Monitoring skill, you can ask Alexa to give you a report on how the site is doing.

If the site goes down, Vigil automatically sends a push notification, so you can get the site up and back running in no time at all.

Tracking time.

Time flies when you’re having fun, or maybe if you’ve procrastinated all day without really ticking anything off your to-do list (we’ve all been there). 

Work Time Tracker.

Stop losing valuable time and keep track of what you’re doing with Work Time Tracker. With this skill, Alexa tracks tasks for work projects, she can also give you time on how long you’ve worked on a project and how long you have left before a deadline. 

Tracking purchases.

If you frequently use Amazon for supplies and office equipment, it can be a pain tracking what you’ve ordered and what is yet to be delivered. 

Alexa, where’s my stuff?

Say “Alexa, where’s my stuff?” and you can track packages from Amazon, add an item to a cart, and ask about good recommendations on a particular product.

Mail Heaven Track Packages.

The Mail Haven Track skill can track the package, the status of all undelivered packages, including the last update of the package. You will need to connect to a Mail Haven account for the service.

Calculating business taxes.

If you are tired of entering numbers on the calculator, Alexa can use the Sales Tax calculator to quickly and accurately calculate a total price, including sales tax which potentially could save you some vital time.

If you’d like to know more about how technology can transform your business, get in touch with a member of our team right now. 

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