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3 Cybersecurity Measures Worth Your Time in 2021

As part of our mini-series on How To Boost Your Cybersecurity in 2021, we’re sharing some of our top ways to strengthen your cybersecurity.

Written by Adam Bovan

November 2020

3 Cybersecurity Measures Worth Your Time in 2021

In our last blog post, we shared some tasks that you can do quickly and cheaply at little to no cost to your business. This time, we’re looking at some ways to up your game that require a small investment of time and money but are worth it to avoid losing crucial data and documents.

Check your backups regularly. 

Setting up backups is all well and good, but it’s vital that you check them regularly to see that they are working properly. 

It’s best to pick up on these things before it’s too late. Imagine turning to your backups when you’ve lost everything and finding out they have not been backing your files up correctly for months. 

Put a note in your calendar to check on your backups at least once per month. 

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Design a proper disaster recovery process.

When disaster strikes, you want to be prepared, right? That’s why a disaster recovery plan is essential if you’re serious about preventing data loss in your business. 

Sometimes, despite all of our efforts to prevent data loss, it can still happen. 

And, more easily than you think too. 

Losing data doesn’t always mean that you’ve been tricked by clever ransomware or your building has caught fire… it could be something as simple as an employee accidentally deleting important documents, or things being overwritten.

Backups and a well-thought-out recovery plan is your last line of defence against data loss as even if you lose data, you can quickly recover it, saving you time and money. 

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Educate your staff on common cybersecurity problems. 

Awareness and team culture play a huge role in a company’s cybersecurity efforts. You could have all the tried-and-tested techniques and equipment, but without your staff being on board, easy slip-ups can result in disaster. 

Invest some time into training and regularly reminding your staff of common online threats and bad cybersecurity habits. Create a space where people can ask questions if they’re unsure and feel confident to report suspicious activity emails.

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